Name : Keith
Chinese Name : 张家辉
After years spending his time as cartoonists "little helper" the versatile Keith began setting the Gempak magazine on fire with his popular comic strip series "Lawak Kampus" (which also has been released in a couple graphic novel wraps). His drawing seamlessly blending from funky to post-modern style the man combines both technical adequacy and purified taste in comic to create a truly unforgettable occurrence. Keith is currently working on his on-going much acclaimed series "Wasabi." A 3D animation graduate of the Sheridan College Canada his works blend funk and postmodern style effortlessly. &bull Finalist Multi Frame Comic Category Oriental Animation & Comic Competition 2005 Beijing &bull Winner Best Overseas Comic Award Oriental Animation & Comic Competition 2007 Guangzhou &bull Finalist Shorei Award International Manga Award 2007 Japan

Benjamin Zhang Bin (Chinese: 本杰明, born March 16, 1974) is a mainland Chinese Manhua artist and illustrator, who works under the pen name "Benjamin".
Benjamin has done variant covers for Marvel comics and illustrations for the music video to J'aimerais tellement with French popstar Jena Lee and its album cover, Vous remercier. Benjamin generally works in digital painting using a pen with a graphics tablet and image editing software.

Enjoying Lawak Kampus